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I love to travel and to experience the real culture that the world has to offer. I quickly identify the 'tourist' areas and love to avoid them.

In February 1999, I travelled to Thailand with my dad, William 'Bill' Field, who acted as my bodyguard. I was nervous because this was my first trip to Thailand, my first experience with business practices abroad and my first container import from Thailand for the store. Needless to say I did it!!

The trip was filled with new experiences. Dad and I spent 3 days living with the hill tribe people north of Chiang Mai. We slept in their villages, ate the traditional food, trekked through the jungle on elephants and travelled down a river on rickety bamboo rafts.

The experience was soul changing. I bought a piece of hand woven fabric from a lady in the village. She did not try to sell it to me. Rather I asked if she had a piece that she would part with. I will never forget her laughter as I exclaimed over the piece of fabric "WOW", which was the only word that I said that she understood. I will cherish that piece of fabric forever. Here were people living in the jungle, sharing their homes with us, knowing what the world had to offer (they sold us Coca Cola) but not wanting it. They were happy!! They were truly happy with the simplicities of life; the bamboo huts, the fire pits in their home. It makes you realize that all the things we take for granted will never be what makes you happy. Enjoy the simple things! The people that I met throughout Thailand shared one important characteristic. They were the most gentile people I have ever met.

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