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Rainforest Seeds
Today, 80% of the earth’s life forms, both plant and animal, are surviving on just 6% of its land. Some ninety acres of rain forest are being destroyed every hour, either cut or burned for lumber or pasture. Disappearing with it is a myriad of plant and animal forms some of which have yet to be discovered. Native cultures suffer. Climate is changed and the ability of the earth to filter and clean the polluted air is dramatically reduced. Once these majestic rain forests are gone, they are gone forever.

You will be very interested to know that the exotic seeds we offer are mostly produced from the companies own 1500 acre fully protected virgin forest, known as Tierra Buena, the good earth. Located in the northern San Carlos region of Costa Rica, near the small farming community of Pital, Tierra Buena is 1500 acres of mixed tropical rainforest. Tierra Buena evolved into a small community of its own. The company provided free housing for the workers, a school was constructed to provide education, and a general store and soccer field were added. Employing the local native people who might otherwise be inclined to work at indiscriminate clear cutting, educating them in environmental concerns and careful harvesting of the forest, makes the seed company a unique exercise in renewable forest resource and conservation management.

Purchasing and growing your own rainforest plant helps to ensure that these plants and the rainforest survives for future generations.